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We’re proud to provide access to an expert doctor registered with the Care Quality Commission, which means we provide highly personalised medical advice to compliment your test.

Popular Test Packages

Liver Health

The essential profile testing your liver function and performance. Includes 8 key markers and tests.

Female Health

An essential profile testing key markers for females of all ages, with 22 markers and tests.

Male Health

The essential profile to test key markers for males of all ages. Includes 21 key markers and tests.

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Choose a 'sample at home' kit with free next day delivery, visit a partner clinic or book a VIP nurse home visit.

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Most results are available in under 24 hours. Our GP will contact you by phone or video to discuss what they mean.

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The medical care we provide access to is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and our partner laboratory is UKAS Accredited.

Learn more about our medical team and governance standards below.

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Medical Team

Our medical care is provided by our Medical Director, Dr. Sidra Malik MBBS MRCGP DRCOG DSFRH. Dr. Malik is a highly experienced senior independent sector and NHS General Practitioner.

Dr Sidra Malik

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